Proprietorships are ideal for very small businesses in the unorganized sector. Jltriangle offers proprietorship registration from Rs.2899/-

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Proprietorships can be started in India by an Indian Citizen. Since, there is no legal entity, the Proprietors PAN is used as the basis of all registrations and compliance


Jltriangle offers a comprehensive business accounting and income tax return filing service for proprietorships starting from Rs. 5899/- per year.

Proprietorship Registration

A sole proprietorship is a type of unregistered business entity that is owned, managed and controlled by one person. Sole proprietorship’s are one of the most common forms of business in India, used by most micro and small businesses operating in the unorganised sectors. Proprietorships are very easy to start and have very minimal regulatory compliance requirement for started and operating. However, after the startup phase, proprietorship’s do not offer the promoter a host of benefits such as limited liability proprietorship, corporate status, separate legal entity, independent existence, transferability, perpetual existence – which are desirable features for any business. Therefore, proprietorship registration is suited only for unorganised, small businesses that will remain small and/or have a limited period of existence.

There is no mechanism provided by the Government of India for the registration of a Proprietorship. Therefore, the existence of a proprietorship must be established through tax registrations and other business registrations that a business is required to have as per the rules and regulations. For instance, VAT or Service Tax or GST Registration can be obtained in the name of the Proprietor to establish that the Proprietor is operating a business as a sole proprietorship. Thus, all the registrations for a proprietorship would be in the name of the Proprietor, making the Proprietor personally liable for all the liabilities of the Proprietorship.

Jltriangle is the market leader in company registration services in India, offering a variety of company registration like private limited company registration, one person company registration, Nidhi Company Registration, Section 8 Company Registration , Producer Company Registration and Indian Subsidiary registration. The average time taken to complete a proprietorship registration is 3 – 5 working days, subject to government processing time and client document submission. Get a free consultation for proprietorship registration and business setup in India by scheduling an appointment with an Jltriangle Advisor.

9 Articles to Read Before Proprietorship Registration

Proprietorship Startup

Procedure and documents required for starting a proprietorship in India. A sole proprietorship is one of the most common form of business in India. Any Indian citizen can easily start a proprietorship.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Sole proprietorship is the most widespread form of business ownership in the world. As the name suggests, it is a kind of business in which a single person is vested with the ownership of the assets and affairs of the business. In this article, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of a proprietorship firm.

Proprietorship to Company

Procedure for conversion of proprietorship into private limited company. Private limited company offers significant advantages over the proprietorship firm.

Proprietorship Bank Account

Procedure for opening sole proprietorship bank account. The Reserve Bank of India has laid out Know Your Customer (KYC) norms for opening of current account in the name of a sole proprietorship along with the list of documents required.

Proprietorship Tax Rate

Under Income Tax Act, all proprietors below the age of 60 years are required to file income tax return if total income exceeds Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The income tax rate for proprietorship is slab based starting from 10% for income between Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs.

Proprietorship Tax Filing

File income tax return of proprietorship firm online with Expert help. Proprietorship firms are required to file tax return each financial year if taxable income exceed Rs.2.5 lakhs. Jltriangle provides accounting and tax return filing services to help proprietorships file tax returns.

GST Registration

GST registration procedure, eligibility and documents required. Entities with an annual revenue of more than Rs.20 lakhs must obtain GST registration. Complete your GST registration online with expert help from Jltriangle and obtain your GSTIN in less than a week from the comfort of your home.

GST Return Filing

File GST return online through Jltriangle with GST Expert Support. You can prepare and file GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3 and GSTR-4 return online through Jltriangle. In addition to filing GST returns, you can also issue GST invoices and record purchases on LEDGERS to automatically file GST returns.

Trademark Registration

Online trademark registration, trademark search, documentation and Expert help for TM filing. Easily submit your trademark application for just Rs.5988 in less than a day from the comfort of your home. Jltriangle provides a range of trademark services from trademark filing to objection handling.