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Patent Search-Detailed Procedure

What is a Patent?

patent is a right created by law which permits an inventor to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention for a certain period of time.

Criteria to know if the invention is patentable

An invention has to meet the following criteria to be qualified as patentable:

  1. Novelty:  The invention intended to be protected is new and/or that the author is the first and original inventor.
  2. Inventive Step: The invention must not be obvious to a person with ordinary skill in the invention field of applicability.
  3. Industrially applicable: Invention should possess utility, so that it can be made or used in an industry.

Inventions which are not patentable as per the provisions of the Indian Patents Act

Patent Search – Advantages

The major advantage of conducting a Patent Search is that an inventor is able to know if he would be allowed the patent or not. It requires less expenditure and would not involve much of paper work. The strategy to apply for a Patent is majorly dependent on Patent Search.

Patent Search – Procedure

The search patent search procedure as mentioned above is relatively simple and requires less paperwork.

  1. Details regarding the invention
    All the details regarding the invention are required including uses, benefits, recognition, publication etc
  1. Patent Search
    Once the details are received we forward them to our associate who will search in details all the relevant factors on which the Patent is desired. Depending upon the industry type and the inventions complexity can the associate judge if the invention i.e product or process is patentable. The rest of the procedure for application follows this step.

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